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 Urban and Street Art Photography

Fine Art Photography

For me, photography is about capturing the moment, the event, or the place that my ‘eye’ provides me with. I gain inspiration from urban graphics and decay, or a wall mural, peeling paint and what the ‘Street’ provides.

What you will see in my images is of a very personal visionary resonance. Many people will choose to ignore or just walk past some of these images. And at times you will ask yourself, ‘why photograph that?’ Perhaps by asking this question with an open mind, the answer will clear the way for a moment of enjoyment. Or better still close one eye and pretend to take a photo of that same image. Does that change your perception? I also look for locations showing forms of expressive art for portrait work which may include the scourge of modern society, graffiti.

Photography is a universal language that we can all relate to. At the start, I wanted to adopt a certain stylistic range for my images; however I soon realised that there is no formula for style so instead I chose to look for images with a message, humour or bold statement. A photograph remembers the little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

Joy for me is being able to share my images with you and hope that you see and appreciate something of passion and beauty.

For inquiries about exhibitions, publications, editorial assignments, mentoring and commissions please Contact Peter Roberts.


Achievements & Works

  • 2016 self published ‘Mind the Gap’ — Photo book
  • Australian Institute of Professional Photography – Member
  • 2013 Gallery display Little Miss Saine
  • 2013 self published ‘366 Days’ — Photo book
  • 2012 Doc Span CD
  • 2011 Olive Cotton Photographic Award Finalist
  • 2011 Bronze Award ‘Emotive Portrait’ Better Photography
  • 2011 self published ’90 Days’ European travel book — Photo book
  • 2010 Muswellbrook NSW Photographic Awards Finalist

Photobooks for Sale


 366-days-photobook-by-peter-roberts    90-days-photobook-by-peter-roberts