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Coffee Table Photo Books

PR IMAGES are the leader in the production of Coffee Table Photo Books with amazing images from all around the world. These photographers are based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland but continue to travel around the world capturing life from Europe and United Kingdom to present to photograph galleries here in Australia.



Coffee Table Photo Books “Mind The Gap”  is a project with humble begins. It started during travel on the expanse of a underground London tube lines. Circle or Yellow line was the pinnacle in this coffee table photo book. It was inevitable that this adventure was going to be collected into an amazingly presented and details coffee table book, giving you an impression on the line and sucks you into to the feel of travelling on this line.



coffee table photo books 366 Days’ was an idea that was nagging Peter from PR Images for years until he succumb to that feeling to create this coffee table photo books.

Peter found that wherever he found himself or during things he was doing in daily life, he found an inspiration from the imagery of the normality of life and looked at them in a different way and took out his camera and captured this images. It was a passion project that is now in a coffee table photo book format to present on your table or counter.

This book was an achievement of making daily life in to art and fascinating imagery.


90 DAYS – PHOTO BOOKcoffee table photo books

‘90 Days’ is a coffee table photo books style collection of a European and Asian travel adventure taking by Peter which includes 90 images that capture 90 days of amazing culture features in chronological order presented in this lovely coffee table book.

Contact Peter at PR Images for your copy of these amazing coffee table photo books.