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Coffee Table Photos

PR IMAGES produce Coffee Table Photos book content with contain so many amazing images from some many great locations from around the planet. Peter and his Sunshine Coast, Queensland team, create amazing books for homes around the country from their adventures abroad, capturing culture, feeling and the lives of people from Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom. These photos are so great that they appear in galleries around Australia.



Photo Book Photography - Coffee Table Photos“Mind The Gap”  began when Peter ventured across to United Kingdom. When traveling the underground London tube lines, Peter started to take photos, and didn’t stop, capturing amazing photos from this underground treasure trove. The Yellow line was the most fascinating part of his travel, grabbing Peter’s gaze which has translated into coffee table photos that have become the feature photos in this book. These amazing experiences and imagery was discovered and captured for his success table top book “MIND THE GAP”. Peter’s Coffee Table Photos are eye-catching and immersive as you turn each page, overwhelming you with feelings and sights that he found in on in delved in to this underground journey. Your table will pop when you have this book for your guests to flip through



Photo Book Photography - Coffee Table Photos366 Days’ was an idea that keep coming back into Peter from PR Images mind for years until he picked up the camera to capture these inspiring photos to develop this coffee table photos book

Peter found his inspiration anywhere at anytime which allowed him to see every day things a different way. He would take out his camera when this inspiration presents itself and he would snap away. From the images that life presented to him, Peter was able give him a different perspective and allowed his to populate this amazing coffee table book, called “366 Days”. This was passion project for this time and now can be experienced through this amazing photography collection.

This book was an achievement of making daily life in to art and fascinating imagery.


90 DAYS – PHOTO BOOKPhoto Book Photography - Coffee Table Photos

‘90 Days’ is made of a chronological timeline of photos from a collection of a European and Asian trek undertaking by Peter which includes 90 images. Peter capture 90 days in a sequential order giving you the feel of a visual holiday. The images of the different cultures, features, buildings and people presented in this book shows you these facets of life abroad through amazing colourful photos.

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