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Photo Book Photography

PR IMAGES are the leader in the production of Photo Book Photography which are produced with amazing images from places all over the world. Peter and his are from theSunshine Coast, Queensland, however they us their adventures abroad to capture culture and the lives of people from Europe Asia and the United Kingdom. They bring these photos and images to galleries here in Australia.



Photo Book Photography“Mind The Gap”  began humbly when Peter was traveling in the United Kingdom. When traveling expanse of a underground London tube lines, Peter began snapping and didn’t stop. The Yellow line proved to me the most fascinating part of his travel, giving birth to this coffee table photo book. It was without question that these amazing experiences and imagery was going to become a book for your coffee table. Peter’s Photo Book Photography is eye-catching and immersive as you flip the pages, feeling as if you are their travelling along with him on his underground journey. This coffee table book has a feel and look ideal for any home.



Photo Book Photography366 Days’ was a nagging idea in the back of Peter from PR Images mind for years until he listened to that feeling and started capturing these amazingly inspired photos to create this coffee table book.

Peter would find inspiration anywhere and during at any time he was doing certain things. This inspiration would appear and he would take out his camera and begin his photography. From the imagery of the normality of life, Peter was able to look a different way at them and capture the photos in this coffee table book. This become his passion project which can now be seen and purchased in a coffee table photo book format.

This book was an achievement of making daily life in to art and fascinating imagery.


90 DAYS – PHOTO BOOKPhoto Book Photography

‘90 Days’ is made of photos from a styled collection of a European and Asian trek undertaking by Peter which includes 90 images that capture 90 days in chronological order. This amazing selection of the amazing cultures, features, buildings and people of these countries presented in an amazing coffee table book available for you for your home.

Contact Peter at PR Images to get your copy of your choice of Photo Book Photography