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Urban Street Art Photography

Urban Street Art Photography to me is the lens through which I see the beauty of the world. It’s the only way I can see and appreciate the details in objects, people, landscapes, flowers, food or animals that most people would ignore or fail to notice.sunshine coast photography

In essence, it is the art of keen observation – an art that addresses anyone that is ready to notice the details and experience life from a different, more colourful and detailed perspective. It’s not the easiest of tasks peeking through a lens for long periods of time, editing, distorting, or augmenting reality. But when you eventually achieve such a feat, you know you’ve just imprinted your fingerprint on the world and your life changes!

I have learned that Urban Street Art Photography that it’s about finding the extraordinary things. Inherent but hidden in seemingly ordinary places that matter the most and also discovered that it has little to do with what you see and everything to do with the manner in which you see it. This makes it a very exciting process as different techniques are tried to produce different results.

Spending a great deal of time in snapping photos is the best way for me to spend my time because I’m a lover of art and thus photography gives me the opportunity to make art in my own little way.

sunshine coast photographyUrban Street Art Photography is a lot of things to me. It is time travel made real – the physical evidence of something from the past which is captured in order for us to remember it eternity. It’s also an escape from everyday life which enables me express my deepest emotions, thought processes and a different perspective of life. It has been my corner of intimacy; my surest way of expressing myself to capture the beauty and unique moments that life presents us with. It gives me creative fulfilment and enables me to express myself in an artistic way which makes it awe-inspiring.

Urban Street Art Photography is inspirational and also informative. There is a story-telling part of the craft that helps me tell stories with a vivid and colourful quality. It enables me to witness and appreciate how people in other parts of the world live.

On a deeper level it helps me appreciate the beauty that the world has in abundance. I get amazed when I see photos of other people as it heightens my awareness level of just how grand, beautiful and multifaceted our dear planet is. It gives me ideas on places I’d fancy travelling to in the future and this has been a truly enriching experience.


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